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August 06, 2019
13 items

Depaving the Centennial building courtyard

Contractors have started to remove pavement from the Centennial building courtyard, which will take approximately four weeks. Please watch for equipment travelling between the Greenhouse and the Centennial building.  

Please obey all safety signs and follow instructions when entering and exiting the area.

Contact Keith MacMillan if you have any questions at 343-8968.

Lakehead University Work Study Program (LUWSP) for 2019 Fall/Winter

The Work Study Program offered by Lakehead University helps undergraduate, Canadian citizens or permanent residents gain valuable work experience while earning additional funds to go toward the cost of their education.

The LUWSP is offered during the academic year (September-March) as well as the spring/summer (May-August). Follow this link to view the criteria. The Eligibility Application opens on August 16 via the MySuccess portal. Login as a student until October 25 and fill-out an Eligibility Application under "Jobs & Volunteer Postings" then "On Campus Work Study Jobs" for approval for this academic year.

Questions? Contact Student Central at or by calling (807) 343-8500.

Reminder: Repair Work on Roads, Parking Lots – Aug. 6 to 9

Repair work on Lakehead Thunder Bay roads and parking lots began on Tuesday, Aug. 6 and will continue until Friday, Aug. 9.

This work will include the entrance and exit to the Agora Circle as well as near the William H. Buset Centre for Music and Visual Arts and School of Nursing buildings, 1294 Balmoral St., and Lots 13 and 14 along with the nearby road.

On Tuesday, Aug. 6, while construction occurs on the entrance to the Agora Circle, the exit will be split into two lanes for entering and exiting. On Wednesday, Aug. 7, while construction occurs on the Agora Circle exit, the entrance will be divided into two lanes for entering and exiting.

This work will include heavy machinery and construction workers. Please use caution in these areas and expect possible delays. This work will not affect transit buses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Frank Sgambelluri, Senior Security Guard, at 343-8131 or

Work Study Program for 2019 Fall/Winter

The Lakehead University Work Study Program (LUWSP) provides part-time employment opportunities to eligible undergraduate students during the academic year. These positions provide students with an invaluable opportunity to work with, and be mentored by, Lakehead University faculty and staff.

The LUWSP is an opportunity for departments and faculties to employ a student’s talents for part-time employment (10 hours/week is recommended) through the provision of a $1,000 per semester subsidy (includes wage and payroll deductions).

Employment through the LUWSP-FW for this academic year is September 1, 2019 until March 14, 2020.

Employers may complete a Job Request application by logging in as an “Employer” via the MySuccess Portal until Wednesday, August 15 and selecting the following: Job Bank & Volunteer Postings > Work Study Program (LUWSP-FW) > Post a Job. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as space permits.

Further questions may be directed to Cheryl Ellis at

Zahra Rashedi's CHMS PhD Thesis Proposal - Friday, Aug. 9

Zahra Rashedi will present her Chemistry and Materials Science PhD Program Thesis Proposal: Lignin Starch Crosslinking.

Friday, Aug. 9
1:00 PM
ATAC 5036

Committee Members: Dr. Pedram Fatehi (supervisor), Dr. Christine Gottardo, Dr. Baoqiang Liao and Dr. Ehsan (external), Dr. Rob Mawhinney (chair).

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Contact Brenda Magajna at for more information.

MSc Electrical Engineering Defense Notice - Jared Mercier - Friday, Aug. 9

Electrical & Computer Engineering Defense

Presented by:  Jared Mercier
Supervisor:      Dr. Yushi Zhou

Friday, Aug. 9
12:00 pm                            
ATAC 1005

Title: Low-Power Multi-Band Injection-Locked Wireless Receiver


The demand for low-power, high-performance wireless receivers has dramatically increased with the emerging deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Among the demodulation schemes, non-coherent receivers consume less power in comparison with its counterpart, e.g. the coherent receiver, attributed to its simple architecture and fewer components.

The injection-locking based envelope detection design, consisting of a low-noise amplifier (LNA), injection-locked oscillator, and an envelope detector, has drawn a lot more attention in recent years for low-power non-coherent demodulation. However, the utilization of the injection-locked oscillator, providing flexibility and high performance, remains quite challenging. This thesis describes both the circuit level and mathematical model of injection-locking, allowing for the implementation of a CMOS receiver offering low-power, high performance and the ability to support multiple radio frequency bands.

By leveraging both fundamental and superharmonic injection-locking, the receiver is capable of operating at five frequency bands, e.g., 433 MHz, 863 MHz, 915 MHz, 950 MHz, and 2.4 GHz, used for WSN applications. One of the challenges of making use of superharmonic injection-locking is the narrow lock range that is insufficient for the oscillator to implement frequency-to-amplitude conversion under the locked-in status while maintaining low-power performance. A mathematical model developed in this work reveals the relationship between the lock range of superharmonic injection-locking and the third-order coefficient of the nonlinearity.

An examination of the injection transistor operating in the weak and strong inversion region leads to the discovery of an optimal biasing point in the subthreshold region where the maximum lock range can be attained. Moreover, a further investigation of the dependence of the third-order coefficient of the nonlinearity and the lock range is demonstrated. As a consequence, a technique to additionally extend the lock range via body biasing and p-well injection using a triple-well NFET device is presented.

The receiver was designed in GF 130 nm CMOS technology with a 0.7 V supply voltage. Based on the simulation results, the design achieves a data rate of 5 Mbps for four of the frequency bands and 4 Mbps for the 433 MHz band for both FSK and OOK signals. With two modes of operation, the receiver consumes 770 mW and 685 mW of static power, while achieving a sensitivity of -85 dBm and -75 dBm. The FOM for each mode is 155pJ/b and 137 pJ/b. The linearity properties, e.g., 1-dB compression point (P1dB), third-order intercept (IIP3) of LNAs, suffers significantly in ultra-low-power (ULP) applications attributed to the biasing condition of the main transistor.

To alleviate this issue, there is typically a trade-off with voltage gain and power performance, degrading the overall design. Based on the investigation of the relationship of the biasing point and the nonlinearity of the transistor, a complementary common-source (CS) LNA was designed in GF 130 CMOS process for optimal voltage gain, power consumption, and linearity. By using the symmetrical properties of the NFET/PFET pair, the linearity of the LNA is enhanced. As a result, the simulated voltage gain, IIP3, P1dB, and NF are 15.7 dB, -6.5 dBm, -17.5 dBm and 5.7 dB respectively.

The total power consumption is 35 uW from a 0.7 V supply voltage. The evaluated performance of the design using a classical figure of merit (FOM), achieves the highest known value by a significant margin in comparison with state-of-the-artwork.

Participate in the English Language Centre's Homestay Program!

The English Language Centre is calling on Lakehead University's community to welcome Mexican students into their homes over the fall semester.

Each year the English Language Centre runs a Homestay program that gives international students the opportunity to live with a family in Thunder Bay while taking classes at the University. Many of our students choose this program in order to have a full English immersion experience, where they not only improve their language skills but also learn about Canadian culture.

This year we are looking for individuals from the Lakehead University community to welcome students into their homes for the fall semester from September 1 to December 15!

If you would like to participate in the Homestay program, you will receive a stipend to off-set the costs of hosting a student in your house.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please visit this page to complete the sign-up form on or before August 11.

If you require more information, please contact the English Language Centre by e-mail at or by phone at (807) 346-7888.

Agroecology and Seed Security in Northern Ontario - Aug. 11 and 13

Join us for a discussion and workshop about ecological agriculture and seed security in Northwestern Ontario. This event is open to anyone who grows food or is interested in building more sustainable food systems in the Thunder Bay area. 

Presentations from Charles Levkoe, sustainable food systems lab, Lakehead University.

Sunday, August 11, 6:00-8:00 PM: Agroecology and Seed Security in Northern Ontario - Panel and Discussion + Q&A

  • Charles Levkoe – Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Food Systems
  • Superior Seed Producers
  • Rebecca Ivanoff – Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario
  • Helen Jensen – USC Canada
  • Beau Bouchers – Fort William First Nations

Tuesday, Aug. 13 - 9:30 am - noon: Lilly Street Garden Tour and Seed Saving Workshop

To register, email or call 285-8901 and indicate which events you plan to attend. Registration closes August 8.

LUCC Faculty/Staff Summer Games - Wednesday, Aug. 14

The Lakehead University Community Council is once again running the Summer Faculty & Staff Participation Games to coincide with Aramark's barbecue, with support from senior administration.

The Games will take place along the Chancellor Paterson Library courtyard on Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Participate in our free, fun games to receive a ballot for your chance to win prizes. The more events you participate in, the more chances you have to win.

Rain location is the Agora.

Please direct questions to Stan Nemec at

We hope to see you there!

The Upgrade to LinkedIn Learning is Complete

All current students, faculty, and staff have full access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly through Lakehead University. As part of this new learning experience, you’ll receive:

  • The same, high-quality content that you’ve enjoyed before

  • More relevant content recommendations informed by insights from your LinkedIn network

  • Learning when and where you want, whether that’s on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop

LinkedIn Learning offers a highly customized, simplified, and engaging experience, so take charge of your growth and development and explore this exciting new resource today!

Log into LinkedIn Learning using your Lakehead University username and password.  If you accessed prior to the upgrade, all your learning activity and history from will be available in LinkedIn Learning as long as you login before March 2020.  

During the activation process, you can choose to connect your Lakehead LinkedIn Learning account with your personal profile if you have one. This is completely optional and can be changed at any time.  Refer to the Managing Your Account and Privacy Settings article from LinkedIn Learning to learn more.

Have questions? Start by checking out the How to use LinkedIn Learning course or visit Lakehead’s LinkedIn Learning website. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Teaching Commons.

Judicial Panel Interest to Serve - Deadline to Submit is Tuesday, Aug. 20

The President of Lakehead University is seeking nominations to fill eight tenured faculty member vacancies on the Judicial Panel.

All terms commence at the close of the annual Board of Governors meeting in October 2019 through to the close of the annual Board of Governors meeting in 2020.

These vacancies are self-nominated. Click here to access the interest to serve form.

Please direct any questions to Dr. Millo Shaw at

The deadline to submit a nomination is Tuesday, Aug. 20.

MHSc Thesis Proposal - M. Sidhu - Monday, Aug. 19

Mr. Mandeep Sidhu, a Master of Health Sciences candidate in the Department of Health Sciences, will present his thesis proposal, "Indigenous Social Enterprise and Health and Well-being" on Monday, Aug. 19.

Date: Monday, August 19
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (EST)
Location: ATAC 3004

Committee members:

  • Dr. Rebecca Schiff, Supervisor
  • Dr. Shirley Thompson, Co-supervisor
  • Dr. Helle Møller, and Dr. Lana Ray

A copy of Mandeep's thesis is available for review in SN1006, Thunder Bay campus.

Please note that this event is available through Zoom and the invite information is below. 

Join Zoom meeting:

MHSc Thesis Defense - C. Viel - Wednesday, Aug. 21

Mr. Chris Viel, a Master of Health Sciences candidate in the Department of Health Sciences, will present his thesis proposal, "The association between supervisor mental health training and workplace mental health stigma" on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 21
Time: 1 to 3 p.m. (EST)
Location: ATAC 5035

Committee members:

  • Dr. Vicki Kristman, Supervisor
  • Dr. Michel Bédard
  • Dr. Marc Corbiere

A copy of Chris' thesis is available for review in SN1006 Thunder Bay campus. Please note that this event is available through Zoom and the invite information is below.

Join Zoom meeting: