Digital Signage Screens

Digital Signage screens are available to our University community to assist in the promotion of events & happenings within or outside the campus involving faculty, students, or staff.

These include lectures, conferences, exhibits, seminars, press conferences, public forums, book launches and all manner of activities that bring honour and prestige to Lakehead University, as well as encourage participation from the campus and the public.

Consistent with Lakehead's commitment to reach out to the University community, one screen is located in the Agora, one in Bora Laskin with another screen in the ATAC building.

Advertising rates are $100 for a one-week minimum contract which includes a one-time set-up cost.  Additional template production is available at a charge of $56. per hour, which can be rotated on and off as the need dictates.  


Material must be submitted to Marketing Support by Wednesday 9:00 a.m. to be included in the rotation by Friday morning.  A tighter turn around is available to address more urgent matters.

A written agreement is required, which may include a simple email to

Once the ad has gone to air, no content modifications will be possible unless it is deemed "critical".  This will be determined at the discretion of the Office of Communications.

Please be aware that our software currently does not allow quick and easy changes; however, this will be reviewed as the software is upgraded.

If you are supplying your own image, please comply with:
image width - 720 by 220 px, viewable area - 700 by 469 px
bit-map 8 (bmp 8) or
bit-map 24 (bmp 24)

ALSO:  Please be sure to submit your events to the Lakehead University's Event Calendar.