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Past Events for 2009


» WinterLUde 2009
» ESS and LUNA Present the Stimulator!
» Learn to Play Ultimate Frisbee
» Becoming Warriors: The Practice of Deep and Meaningful Learning
» Children's Author Rukhsana Khan: "Why Multiculturalism is Important in the Classroom"
» 41st Annual Forestry Symposium
» Food Security Research Network
» Live Webinar - Computerized Testing
» Retirees Assocation of Lakehead University General Meeting
» Mumps Vaccinations on Campus


» Medications and Drugs: The Driver's Role to Prevent Crashes
» "When Low-Risk Obstetrics Isn't: The Experience of Practicing Obstetrics in Arctic Canada"
» Shot Through Da Heart - In Support of The Artery
» Lakehead University Dance Team Latin Dancing Workshop
» Lakehead University Dance Team's Tip Top Techinque Workshops
» Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra
» Film Screening: The Lost Tomb of Jesus (Research and Innovation Week)
» Film Screening: The Lost Tomb of Jesus (Research and Innovation Week)
» Film Premiere: A Living History of Metis Families (Research and Innovation Week)
» Northern Studies Speaker Series Hosts James Gordon, archivist with the Hudson's Bay Company Archives
» Speaker Series with Kevin Danaher: "Building the Green Economy"
» Theory/Noise Performance: Paul Hegarty Speaks on "Foucault and War"
» Film Screening: Bloodline (Research and Innovation Week)
» BIOLOGY 5010 (Communication Science) Graduate Student Poster Presentations
» Geology Department Seminar - Dr. Dave Gauthier


» Physics Department hosts CAP Lecture Series - Dr. K. Bizheva
» Apple Open House at Campus Tech March 3
» Lakehead University Major Studio
» John Ralston Saul
» The Culture and Fundamental Studies Discipline Group Present Guest Speakers
» Lakehead University Dance Team's Sizzlin' Salsa Pub Night
» Big Banapalooza
» NOSM Presents "Sorry, We Don't Have That Here"
» Student Loan Repayment Sessions
» Celebrating Food and Learning
» Northern Ontario Growth Plan Youth Input Session
» Lumina Concert No. 202
» Pension Information Session
» Speaker Series - Nuclear Waste Management
» Invitation to Research Ethics Talk: Pierre Deschamps - March 18
» Lakehead University Outdoor Film Festival
» Residential School Profile Poster Display
» Morris Lecture 2008/09: "The Naturalness of the Supernatural"
» Triple Threat
» Bannock Making Contest
» Seeing Voices: A Day Of Community Art and Anti-Oppression Awareness
» Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra - Free Concert in Agora
» Bone and Skin Displays of Northern Mammals
» Spring Smart Soup Session: Science in the Forests
» Earth Hour 2009: March 28
» Media Conference and Signing Ceremony - New Research Partnership


» April Fools Day Bike Round-up and Outdoor Concert
» Media Conference - Civil Engineering Steel Bridge Competition
» Annual Nursing Scholarship Forum April 2 & 3
» Art Exhibition: Lakehead University Professor Roly Martin
» Sweat Lodge Ceremony
» Lakehead University Chamber Choir and Vocal Ensemble Concert
» Cultural Politics of Sturgeon
» Lakehead University Bike Round-up Take 2


» Virtual Screening Methods and Their Applications in Molecular Biology and Drug Discovery


» Aramark Annual Canada Day BBQ


» Native Language Teacher Certification Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary
» Department of Chemistry and the Centre for Northern Studies Speaker Series


» 26th Annual Alumni Scholarship Classic
» Collaborative Nursing Media Conference
» New Aboriginal Alumni Chapter Established
» Webinar: Can You Teach Math Online? Real Life Lessons from an Experienced Educator


» Residence Official Move-in Day
» Family and Friends Welcome Session & Lakeside BBQ
» Mature Student Social
» Orientation 2009: City Bus Tour
» Mature Students meet with LUSU
» Orientation 2009: Just Think...Karaoke!
» Lakehead 101
» Faculty Meet & Greet
» Lakehead U Outdoor Carnival 2009
» Mature Student BBQ
» Graduate Student Orientation
» Student Clubs and Cultural Activities
» Mature Students and Technology
» Technology Enabled Classroom Training Sessions for Faculty and Staff
» CNFER's Sixth Annual United Way Yard Sale
» After Orientation Support
» Free Time Management Workshop
» 'In the Moog: The Social History of the Electronic Music Synthesizer'
» Dr. Monica Flegel publishes book in Ashgate Series
» Fall Harvest
» Exchange Program Information Session
» Student Ambassador Recruitment for Current Students
» Lakehead International Hosts Personal Safety and Security Session
» Lakehead International Offers Free 10-Week ESL Class
» Elder- In Residence ( Gerry Martin )


» Integrating Music
» Open House: Nursing Simulation Laboratory
» LUMINA Concert No. 203 Oni Buchanan, piano
» Random Acts of Poetry (RAP)
» Fall Feast
» Public Buddhist Lecture
» Joint Seminar by PEO Lakehead Chapter and Canadian Geotechnical Society
» Education Library Scholastic Book Fair
» Go Eng Girl 2009
» 2010 CSEG Distinguished Lecture Tour
» LUMINA Concert No. 204: Dimitris Kotronakis, guitar
» Water: Blood of the Earth, by Dr. Tom Puk
» Invited lecturer: The Oil Sands - Setting the Record Straight
» Rapid Environmental Change and Impact on Minority Group Identities
» Annual Blue and Gold Hockey Game
» One-Year Bachelor of Education Information Session
» One-Year Bachelor of Education Information Session
» Apple Tech Series - Tools for Teaching and Learning
» Apple Tech Series - Tools for Teaching and Learning


» Vendors' Day
» One-Year Bachelor of Education Information Session
» 2009 CSEG Distinguished Lecture Tour
» Riveting Rosie Returns: History, Story, and Can Car During WWII
» Geology Department Seminar: Featuring Katie Lucas
» Sound, Rhythm, and Prosody: Part 1
» Media Conference: Research Progress on Atikokan Bio-Energy Project
» LUMINA Concert No. 205: Carissa Klopoushak, violin
» Cry Freetown Movie Night
» Geology Department Seminar - Larissa Mikkelson & Sarah Cockerton
» Lakehead U Men's Basketball
» One-Year Bachelor of Education Information Session
» SSHRC Tier II Canada Research Chair Public Presentation
» Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with SIFE Lakehead
» Sing-Along Messiah: Open Rehearsals
» Public Presentation by Canada Research Chair Candidate
» Geology Department Seminar - Andrew Cheatle
» Public Presentation: SSHRC Tier II Canada Research Chair Candidate
» Sing-Along Messiah: Open Rehearsals
» NOSM Bake Sale
» Elder in Residence: Gerry Martin
» Geology Department Seminar - Dr. Shannon Zurevinski
» MBA Information Session
» Sing-Along Messiah: Open Rehearsal
» Public Presentation: Candidate for SSHRC Tier II Canada Research Chair
» NOSM Bake Sale
» Sweat Lodge Ceremony: Ernie Kwandibens
» 80s Party at the Outpost
» Sing-Along Messiah
» Foundations for a 21st Century Forest Economy


» Geology Department Seminar: Dr. Dan Marshall
» 4th Annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning
» Launch Party for The Artery: Lakehead U's Literary Magazine
» Fall Preview Day
» Media Conference and Grand Opening of Bio-Refining Research Initiative Laboratories
» Sweat Lodge Ceremony - Josias Fiddler
» Lobster Dinner for Men's Basketball
» Flu Clinic in the Agora
» Book Launch: Final Fantasy and Philosophy
» aig+c Lecture: Dr. Batia Stolar
» Aboriginal Faculty and Staff Meet-and-Greet Reception
» Town Hall Meeting
» CRSD Colloquium
» 2009 Lakehead University Holiday Gathering

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