Fax Transmission Template

Fax Transmission Template (Thunder Bay Campus)  Download
Fax Transmission Template (Orillia Campus) Download

Purpose of template

This Word template is for printing Fax Transmission messages. Although the template contains colours, it is recommended that you print the fax transmission using black and white.

Saving the fax transmission template to your computer

Step 1: Start by double clicking on My Computer located on your desktop.

Step 2: Click on tools --> Folder Options --> View. Make sure "Hide file extension for known file types" is not selected. If it is not selected, close window and proceed to Step 4.

Step 3: If "Hide file extensions for known file types" is selected, deselect it, click on Apply, OK, and close My computer.

Step 4: Open your web browser and enter http://communications.lakeheadu.ca. Click on Visual ID Program. Find Fax Transmission Template from the template list and click on it.

You will be prompted to log in to Web Advisor using your username and password. Enter your username and password then click Login. A download dialogue box appears, click Save. Select your desktop as the destination. Ensure that the filename ends with .dot (Word Template).

Save the template to your desktop by clicking Save.

Lakehead University Letterhead Template

Customizing the Fax Transmission for your Department

Step 1: Shut down all your programs. Find the file Fax_Transmission_Lakehead_University.dot that is saved on your desktop and open it.

Step 2: You will be prompted to enter your phone number, start with (807) and enter the full and correct phone number, and click OK.

Step 3: Enter your fax number, starting with (807) and click OK.

Step 4: Enter your email address as prompted.

Step 5: Check that all your details have been entered correctly. If change is required, close the document without saving changes and start over again.

Step 6: When all the details have been entered correctly go to File --> Save As.

Step 7: In the dialogue box that appears, towards the bottom, change the "Save as Type" to Document Template (.dot) (click on the drop down list and find Document Template from the list).

Lakehead University Letterhead Template

Step 8: Change the filename to say "Lakehead Fax Transmission - my name.dot," where you replace my name with your own name to indicate that this is a fax transmission with your contact details saved with it. Click Save.

Step 9: Close Word by going to File --> Exit. Delete the Fax_Transmission_Lakehead_University.dot from the desktop.

To retrieve and use the template.

Step 1: Go to Help -> About Microsoft Word to find out which version of Word you are using.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word. Go to File -> New.

Microsoft Word 2002

Step 1: Find "New Document" dialogue on the right side of the screen.
Step 2: Locate "New from template", click on General Templates.
Step 3: Click on the "General" tab on the dialogue that appears and locate "Lakehead Fax Transmission - your name".

Be aware that the entire file name might not show. Click on the template once (the template becomes highlighted blue) to reveal the entire filename.

Select the template you want to use (highlighted blue) and click the OK button. You will be prompted to enter the document details. Click OK or Cancel if there is no need to change the details.

Step 4: Modify the fax transmission details, navigate from field to field by using the Tab key on your keyboard. Save your letter as you would save any other document.

Earlier versions of Microsoft Word

Step 1: you will be prompted to select a template to create a new document from when clicking on File -> New.
Step 2: Find and Select the "Lakehead Fax Transmission - your name" template located under the "General" tab and click OK.
Step 3: Modify the date and start your letter. Save your letter as you would save any other document.

Every time you open the template you will be prompted to enter the document details, but, click OK or Cancel if there is no need to change the details.

This is a one-time procedure. If done properly there is no need to save the template again.

Fax Transmission Template Download