Acclaimed Public Intellectual Mark Kingwell to Speak at Lakehead University January 30

(January 29, 2009 – Thunder Bay, ON) Mark Kingwell, one of Canada's best-known public intellectuals, will present the inaugural lecture of Lakehead University’s Advanced Institute for Globalization and Culture (the aig+c or 'agency').  Kingwell’s work has appeared in such venues as the Globe & Mail, The Walrus, and Harper's Magazine.

Founded to provide a platform for research topics such as the roles that culture plays as inspiration, challenge, and economic stimulus, the aig+c is very pleased to host Mark Kingwell.  With his new book, Concrete Reveries: Consciousness and The City, Mark Kingwell is a fitting speaker to open the celebration of a new institute devoted to urban life. 

According to Dr. Todd Dufresne, Co-director and Senior Research Fellow of the aig+c, globalization encompasses the social, cultural, and economic shifts that are characteristic of late or advanced capitalism.

“In practical terms, there really is no aspect of contemporary life that is untouched by globalization.  What this means is that the fate of people in Northwestern Ontario is bound to the fates of people all over the world. Thunder Bay is just as meaningful and rich an urban space as any city,” says Dufresne.

The role of the urban environment in shaping a sense of identity is the subject of Kingwell’s upcoming presentation.  “No room is just a space; it is always a place we are entering, occupying, or exiting,” says Kingwell.  “Spaces – cities – shape us, and we shape them.  How does the urban environment help to mould our notions of ourselves, define the limits of social and political engagement, and inform our moral obligations as citizens?  These important questions are deserving of consideration.”

His presentation, “Concrete Reveries: Consciousness + The City,” will take place January 30, 2009 in ATAC 1002 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.  The event includes a meet & greet and book signing which will take place in the lobby of the ATAC from 7:00 – 7:30 p.m.  For those who wish to become a member of the aig+c, membership forms will be available.  Membership includes an aig+c tote bag. The event is free to the University Community and the public.


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