Speaker Presents on Ethics, Disease: April 15 & 16

(April 14, 2009 —Thunder Bay, ON)
What is the role of human values in health care?  Is health care ethics based on genuine human values?  These are some of the questions that Dr. Tom Koch, Adjunct Professor of Medical Geography at the University of British Columbia, will address at his upcoming talks hosted by Lakehead University.  Koch will present Is Health Care Ethics Really Based on Genuine Human Values? on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Conference Room 3, as part of Lakehead’s Centre for Health Care Ethics’ Encounters in Bioethics session.

Topics for discussion during the address include:

• Re-thinking recent cases: Terry Schiavo and Samuel Golubchuk
• Should limited economic assumptions be used to deny life-saving interventions?
• Are all human beings cared for, or only those labelled "persons"?
• Can individual choices be denied in the context of human rights rhetoric?

Dr. Jaro Kotalik, Director of the Centre for Health Care Ethics says, “Health care ethics is relevant to the lives of everyone; the importance of having open dialogue about this topic cannot be underestimated.  Dr. Koch brings us an opportunity to examine, or re-examine, difficult questions related to health care, and thereby, to bring ethically sound practices to our citizens and our community.”

Dr. Koch will also be presenting, “Disease Cartography: Revisiting the John Snow Cholera Map,” hosted by the Department of Geography on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in ATAC 1007.

This talk is related to Dr. Koch’s work on a book on the Geography of Disease over the last 300 years.  Part of that research involves a reanalysis of  the famous Broad Street map of John Snow, a British Medical Doctor who mapped the cholera outbreak in London, England in 1854, which showed the common cause to be a drinking water well.

Koch poses the question, why was John Snow unable to convince the people of his day? Why was his map, so convincing to us, unconvincing to his contemporaries? Koch’s reanalysis, which makes use of 19th century data and technology, as well as GIS, is meant to answer that question.


Media:  Dr. Tom Koch and Dr. Jaro Kotalik are available for media interviews. For more information contact Lisa Pelot, Communications Officer, at 343-8177, or commun@lakeheadu.ca

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