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Lakehead U's Centre for Northern Studies Launches New Book

Lakehead University's Centre for Northern Studies (CNS) is pleased to announce the release of its latest book, Transitions in Marginal Zones in the Age of Globalization: Case Studies from the North and South.  The work is edited by Dr. Thomas Dunk.   

Globalization is often hailed as a phenomenon that is making the world smaller - drawing regions and people closer together as technology and trade enhance interaction and break down barriers. Less appreciated is the tendency toward geographic concentration and the concomitant undermining of the social, cultural, and economic viability of peripheral areas in both the developed and developing worlds that is also part of the reality of the new global economy. The chapters in this volume examine these processes in marginal zones in both the global North and South. Theoretical models of development, the political and economic context of policy decisions, empirical indicators of transformations, local acts of resistance, reaction, and adaptation, changing ideas about and interactions with nature, and possible futures for these regions are described and analyzed in this collection of papers by scholars from Canada, the United States, Europe, and Africa - worldwide contributions which demonstrate the collaborative research being performed at Lakehead and the important role the CNS plays in disseminating pertinent information.

Since the late 1980s, the Centre for Northern Studies has published peer-reviewed books exploring practice, research, and policy issues that are important to Northern Ontario, the Provincial Norths, the Territorial Norths, and the Circumpolar World.  

Transitions in Marginal Zones in the Age of Globalization: Case Studies from the North and South is available at the Lakehead University Alumni Bookstore. More information about the CNS' publication series can be found at

Last updated March 22, 2010

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