Research Funding Announcements

Lakehead University Protocol for Press Announcements and Press Conferences

1. The Office of Research (OR) will be the central point of contact for funding and related research announcements, and will take the lead in organizing these announcements

2. Researchers and/or Research Centres will contact the OR first before briefing Communications to ensure established protocol is followed.  The Office of Research will:

  • Consult with funding partners to ensure a public announcement can be made (no communication embargos exist); and
  • Check terms and conditions of funding agreements to ensure announcements meet requirements negotiated between the parties.

3. The Vice-President Research will alert PPG immediately when new research funding is awarded Lakehead, advising them of plans for the announcement (given meeting conditions in point 2)

4.  There will be a three-way meeting between OR, the researchers (if any), and Communications to determine an announcement strategy (whether a news conference or news release only, etc. ) as well as details such as who is involved, guest speakers, emcee, invited guests, and how invitations should be sent (hard copy or email)

5. It is expected that the President will have a speaking role at every major funding announcement, subject to his availability. His participation will be confirmed by
the Office of Communications before setting up the date of the event, agenda, and news release quotes.

6.  Generally speaking, the emcee for major funding announcements is the VPR, and if he is not available, the decision will be made on a case by case basis but will consider the AVPR, Centre director, or Faculty dean.

7. The agenda and news release will be drafted by Communications in collaboration with the Office of Research, and sent to participating parties (emcee, speakers, etc.).  Quotes in press release by specific parties will be obtained and approved at draft stage.  

8. Internal invitations using the usual guest list (SMT and others as appropriate) will be sent out by Communications by email.

9. External guest list will be determined by OR and the researchers involved, and sent out by the OR, centre, or department involved.  In the case of government-funded research (provincial or federal), an invitation will be sent to the appropriate government officials by the Research Office.  Local government representatives will also be invited.

10. Communications will draft PSAs and media advisories as appropriate, invite the media, and coordinate location set-up.

11. Communications will disseminate approved news release (upon receipt of approval from OR and researchers) and will post the release on the website as soon as the news conference is over.

Note: Communications will send PPG a weekly report of planned news conferences and other activities involving Lakehead directly or indirectly. Information regarding research funding announcements will be provided by OR.