Web Clips

About Web Clips

Web Clips show you news headlines, blog posts, RSS and Atom feeds right at the top of your inbox. Each clip displays the source from which it was received, how long ago the clip was published, and a link to access the entire story or page containing the clip. From your inbox, you can scroll through clips you've already seen by clicking the left arrow (<) or see new clips by clicking the right arrow (>).

To customize Web Clips for myEmail
  1. Sign in to myEmail.
  2. Click Settings at the top of any email page, and open the Web Clips tab.
  3. Make sure "Show my web clips above the Inbox" is selected.
  4. In Search by Topic or URL copy and paste the following URL http://communications.lakeheadu.ca/rss/news.xml
  5. Click Search
  6. Under Search Results click on Add
To add Web Clips for Communications bulletin, repeat the steps but replace the URL to search for with:

STAFF: http://communications.lakeheadu.ca/rss/bulletin-staff.xml

STUDENTS: http://communications.lakeheadu.ca/rss/bulletin-students.xml



To remove a clip, visit the Web Clips tab under Settings and click remove next to the clip. To disable clips entirely, uncheck the box next to Show my web clips above the Inbox.